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  • Grilled Tilapia Steaks

    Spice level: 2

    Grilled Tilapia steaks, marinated in rich blend of peppers, fish seasoning and exotic spices. 2 slices

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  • Abula with Amala and Buka Stew

    Spice level: 1

    Abula is a soup is a mixture of Gbegiri (Bean soup), Ewedu (Molokhia) and Buka stew made up of assorted meat (Honeycomb, Kpomo and Beef). It is typically consumed with Amala but can be eaten with other swallows. It is hugely popular amongst the Yoruba People from Western Nigeria.





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  • Snack Platter

    Platter of Meat Pie (10 pieces)

    Platter of Puff Puff (20 Pieces)’




Avila Kitchen..

Avila foods is a renowned catering company specialising in providing authentic African Caribbean cuisine for weddings and corporate clients. We have over 9 years experience in the industry. We have catered a lot of weddings hence we can boast that whatever the vision for your day, our team of expert chefs and hospitality professionals will deliver and exceed your expectations

We source authentic produce and ingredients and don’t compromise of quality. This is what sets up apart from others in terms of taste and quality of our dishes. We have built a food brand that our customers trust and are able to distinguish from the rest.

To maintain our high standards and frozen from fresh products, we deliver within the UK via our own refrigerated trucks or insulated boxes to maintain freshness via 3rd party distribution networks. This is also to ensure end to end control of service delivery.

We aim to continuously improve our value proposition, so please feel free to drop us a line if you have a recommendation or a feedback regarding our products or service.

Email: customerservice@avilafoods.co.uk
Phone: 01189 584633

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